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Automating & Enhancing Ordering

A Single QR Code for Simplified and Fast
Order & Pay

The fastest way to create your menu,
collect orders and take payment.

It’s really that easy-peasy right!

Innovative, Safe, Optimised

Why QR Ordering?

Staff shortages have hit hospitality businesses hard. By providing customers with the option for ordering via QR codes you can:

Scan QR to Order.png

Overcome Labour Shortage

Reduce number of foreign labour needed for your establishment by empowering customer to perform self-ordering.

Order QR Code.png

Improve Table

Service Quality

Eliminating counter productive order taking process and shift your work force focus on customer centric service such as serving and clean up.

QR Code Ordering.png

Improve Table

Turnover Rate

Customer no longer have to wait for orders to be taken. This potentially result in faster table turnover and better customer satisfaction especially for quick service restaurants.

QR Codes for Menus.png

Environmental Friendly

Reduce paper usage significantly. Help preserve trees and save money in the process. You no longer need paper menu and order chit. Make price changes or introduce new items anytime without having to worry about re-print menu.

QR Menu Ordering.png

Increase Average

Order Size

Self-ordering promotes instant gratification that leads to higher frequency of re-orders. Besides this, our platform cross sells relevant food or beverage to your customer.

Scan QR Code to Order Food.png

Improve Order


Avoid mistake while taking the order especially with new foreign workers due to communication barriers.



QR Code Ordering-Phone-1.png

Business Types

Foodcourt-QR Table Ordering.png


Kopitiam-QR Food Ordering.png


Cafe-QR Code Ordering App.png


Specialty Restaurant-Free QR Code Ordering System.png

Specialty Restaurant

Resto Bar-Table Ordering System.png

Resto Bar

Food Truck-QR Menu Online.png

Food Truck

Mamak-QR Code Ordering System Malaysia.png


Boutique Hotel-Scan QR Code to Order.png

Boutique Hotel

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