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Increase productivity of your restaurant crew when taking customer orders. No more walking back and forth.


Eliminate erroneous order or overlooked request when capturing orders. With online payment enable, payments can be collected during order capturing.

Benefits of Waiter Ordering System

Our feature-filled waiter ordering system is the ultimate tool for streamlining your processes and taking customer orders to a whole new level. 


Easy Order Management

Through our real-time order management interface, your staff can get a birds eye view of every pending order and easily keep track of what needs to be prepared next.



Avoid Unpaid Bills

DineIn waiter ordering system protects you from potentially painful problems such as customers skipping out on their bills accidentally after a meal.


Bring Your Own Device

You are allowed to use your own device without any issues. We suggest a tablet running Android 10 or higher for the smoothest experience!

Feature Packed Waiter Ordering

Our DineIn waiter ordering system is jam-packed with all the things you need to streamline operations and serve customers quickly and efficiently!

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Order Management

Keeping track of customers orders to ensure no missing order or wrong order being sent to customers

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Inventory Management

Inventory levels are automatically updated when there are any changes in real-time

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Sales Analysis Dashboard

Online reporting of store sales and product mix information

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Fast-Track Onboarding

Start using the waiter ordering system within 3 working days

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Promotions & Discount

Set promotions and run multiple discounts & offers to keep the sales ringing


Advertisement Materials

Help you increase leads, sales, customer loyalty and brand awareness


Dedicated Customer Support

On-call support team ready to help you via live chat, phone and email ;    technical support on device system settings

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